I've spent my entire life avoiding being pigeon holed into one set of study or discipline.

I didn't understand why I couldn't study everything and why certain classes and fields did not "overlap" when there is so much in common.

During college, when finally forced to pick a major (which I still don't understand) I picked a creative and the most practical major possible:

Theatre Production.

I had no interest in designing or being the one in charge (creatively.)

Hi, I'm Jennifer...

I love the nuts and bolts part - the "how do we bring this to the stage and make it amazing" part.

The rush of a scene change with barely any time to spare with lots of moving parts and pieces needing to be done in an exact order…I'm smiling with glee just thinking about it. There was always a curtain, always a deadline and that forced creativity with limited resources brought out the best in all of us.

My career after college lead me into small business, technology, retail, direct sales, operations, websites, administration, food service, manufacturing. education and non-profits. Volunteer efforts lead me into event planning (800+ people), scheduling, fundraising ($300,000+) membership maintenance, newsletters, websites, administration and more...

In every job I've ever had (paid or not) my goal has always been to make whatever I did and whatever the company does easier.

When I work myself out of a job, that's when I know I've accomplished my goal.

For myself personally (not just professionally), I want to make what I have to do to "live" easier and more enjoyable, so I can...you know, LIVE. Hang out with my family and friends, write, work on my hobbies, learn new things…pursue MY dreams.

Which just happen to be helping others pursue their dreams.

And maybe you pursue your dreams...see if I can help with some of my FREE offerings.

I just like making everything easy and fun for myself and those around me.

You are kind and compassionate and a good listener, I never feel rushed or put off, you make me feel like I'm important and cared for and nothing interferes with that.

- Mary Ellen

WHAT I'VE BEEN TOLD (about myself)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You have always gone above and beyond.

- Emma

I can't think of anyone I would rather be working with on this gigantic, overwhelming at times project. You have brought, to me, such comfort, comedy, insight and love in this endeavor.

- Liz